Six productions of Kill Climate Deniers in 2020

I’m really excited to announce that there will be six new productions of Kill Climate Deniers this year, in six different cities.

Sydney University Drama Society – 11-21 March, Sydney

Monash University Student Theatre – May, Melbourne

io Productions – July, Launceston, Tasmania

Canal Cafe Theatre – October, London

Švandovo divadlo – July-December, Prague

Canberra (secret) – July, Canberra

These are all badass companies and makers and I’m excited about each and every one of them. If you’re in any of these cities: GO CHECK IT OUT.

It’s hard for me to judge, but six new shows feels like a lot – it’s certainly more productions of a new script than I’ve ever had before. 

As much as I want to claim all the credit for having written a brilliant play*, it seems to me that this burst of new productions is a consequence of 2020. Everything caught fire. My parents nearly lost their home. We were treated to the pathetic performance of politicians gleefully shilling for fossil fuel interests even as thousands of people (my best friends!) were evacuating from their homes. We are staring down the sheer nihilism of a political system willing to condemn future generations to an uncertain existence on a degraded biosphere. 

Fuck those guys. I’ve never felt it more urgently and fiercely.

Theatre, of course, doesn’t change the world. Theatre can’t even change people’s minds. (This show, I promise, is not ‘reaching across the aisle’ to convert anyone.) But what theatre can do is gather a group of people together in a room and provide space to reflect and share. And that’s not nothing.

In conversations with the six companies producing the show, each of them has expressed that producing this play is not just about the end result on stage – it’s also about the conversations they’re having in rehearsals, the fundraisers they’re holding for climate charities, the activism they’re undertaking alongside the work… It feels like putting on this show is an excuse for organising and gathering forces, making good things happen in the world.

So I’m excited and proud and excited and scared and excited. 

*I’m very proud of the script, I won’t lie