Kill Climate Deniers album

The Kill Climate Deniers album is a 35-minute barrage of dancefloor bangers by Reuben Ingall in the style of classic House and Techno from 1988-92 – mixed with samples from Finnigan’s original stage-play of the same name.

Threaded through the beats is the story of an explosive attack on Parliament House by a group of eco-terrorists during a Fleetwood Mac concert, and the Environment Minister’s one-woman war to take her country back.

The result is an anthemic club album threaded through with blistering political satire and a guns-blazing action adventure set at the heart of Australian democracy.

Kill Climate Deniers is released through Australia’s pre-eminent electronic music collective Clan Analogue.

Buy the album on the Clan Analogue website.

Grab it on Spotify, iTunes or Bandcamp.


ALSO available: the Kill Climate Deniers Remix EP, entitled The Bolted Report – featuring remixes of ‘Bolted’ by artists like James Atkin (from legendary 90s outfit EMF).

Other remixers include Profound Actor, Future Conduits, Iubar Project and Dead DJ Joke.

The Bolted Report is available from the Clan Analogue website, or you can grab it on Bandcamp or iTunes.